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Donate to END Weekend Hunger

100% of your donation goes directly to feeding kids

Donate Today to Provide Meals

More King County kids are hungry on weekends than ever before.
You can make a real difference with a one-time donation or for an even bigger impact, you can lead the fight against weekend hunger by becoming a Brigadier with Backpack Brigade with a recurring monthly donation. 

100% of your donations directly fund feeding kids, ensuring that every dollar you give makes a meaningful impact on the lives of hungry children in our community.
Stock Donations

We Now Accept Stock!

We're thrilled to announce that we have expanded our donation options! You can now support our organization by contributing stocks or using your Donor-Advised Fund (DAF). This exciting new feature makes it easier than ever to make a lasting impact and support our mission. Whether you're passionate about our cause or simply looking for a tax-efficient way to give, donating stocks or through your DAF is a convenient and impactful choice. Join us in making a difference today!

Ways to Give

Donor Advised Fund

Make a gift through your Donor Advised Fund (DAF). Contact your financial advisor or initiate a grant to Backpack Brigade from your DAF through

Corporate Volunteer Grant

Your volunteer efforts can have a greater impact through corporate grants available when employees volunteer. Contact your Human Resources department to inquire about accessing funds for Backpack Brigade via your company’s volunteer grant program.

Recurring Monthly Donation

When you choose to donate monthly, you are joining the ranks of committed Brigadiers who advocate for hungry kids in our area. Just $25 feeds one child every month. Make a recurring donation online today!


Gifts of stocks and mutual funds are an extremely tax-efficient gift option. You can provide information about the stock you wish to transfer and print and mail your forms by using this secure online donation tool, or if your brokerage permits, donate entirely electronically. You can also access our account information and work with a broker to complete your donation here.

Employer Matching

You may be able to double or triple your impact by leveraging your employer’s matching gift program. Verify eligibility and learn how to request matching funds for your donation to Backpack Brigade through your Human Resources department.

One-Time Donation

You can always give online or mail a check to Backpack Brigade at 4111 E Madison St, Unit 21, Seattle, WA 98112.

Thank You to Our Monthly Donors!

Abbee Hilton
Holly Boone
Nick Stoner
Alicia Arnold
Jacqueline Houston
Nicole Snowhite
Allison Crowley
Jake Koenigsberg
Nola Sterling
Amy Watson
Jane Leavitt
Pam Kummert
Andrew Boscardin
Jenny Domoto
Patti Steele
Angela Gerrald
Jessica Kehoe
Peter van Wesep
Ashley Shoemaker
Jonathan Sprenke
Rachel Emery
Autumn Butler
Joseph Stephan
Rachel Krampfner
Bahareh Samanian
Julie Kirshtein
Rachel Zolotarsky
Brian Wong, MD
Karen Carlson
Raemarie Duclos
Brie Johnson
Karen Gustafson
Renee Antezana
Catleah Cunanan
Karen Pang
Risa Halford
Chelsea White
Kate Mahaffey
Robert Meinig
Chris Van Waters
Katherine Crews
Robyn Stewart
Christine Carman
Kathryn Knight
Roger Capestany
Christine Eaton
Katie Wenger
Ryan Godard
Christine Hanson
Katrina Anne Cameron
Sally Raymond
Christopher Bower
Katy Lowry
Sally Reavis
Cindy Morningstar
Kelli Dickie
Sara Call
Colleen Hart
Kelly Crowe
Sara DeBell
Cynthia Baber
Kevin & Lori Kean
Sarah Hay
Cynthia Glover
Kim Nicholas
Sarah Herzog
Dave Brewer
Kristi Mandt
Sarah White
Davis Shipman
Kristin Weiss
Sharmon Hoff
Devra Densmore
Kristina Falcone
Siobhan O'Reilly-Shah
Dianna Gonzalez
Kyle Arnold
Stacey Thompson
Dianne Glover
Lauren Exnicios
Sue Madden
Elise Kopta
Lauren Schiltz
Susan Olson
Elizabeth Meiner
Mariela Torres
Susan Parker
Elizabeth Stoner
Mary Ellen Osthus
Susanna Cerasuolo
Ella Kehoe
Matthew Brewer
Tali Rausch
Emily Wignall
Meghan Barnes
Tim Hess
Erin Friedman
Melissa Clark
Tim Vandermey
Erin Garcia
Melissa Moran-Hodge
Val McKinley
Eyvind Westby
Michael Lemieux
Veronica Foster
Georgianna Jurich
Michele Valenti
Vicki Christophersen
Gus and Kristina Mehas
Michelle Quesada
Virginia Andrews
Hallie Truswell
Moni Muraki
Wanda Taylor

Looking to Get Involved?

We're always looking for talented, passionate volunteers to support the work we do.

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