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We End

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We deliver over

800,000 meals

every school year

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We serve over

3,400 kids

in over 84 schools

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In Washington state

1 in 5 kids are food insecure

and you can help

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Get a 360-Degree View of Hunger

 See our video series "Perspectives on Ending Weekend Hunger" to get a complete view of the current state of hunger in our community. Watch the first episode here and see more on our Perspectives page.

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Episode 1 - Helen, School Counselor

Helen talks about the state of hunger in her school and Backpack's role in helping her students thrive. Stan cameos as the cheerful delivery driver.


UW Finds Food Insecurity Doubled During Pandemic

University of Washington researchers have found that 30% of state residents are at risk of going hungry compared to 14% before Covid-19.  Read more

Childhood Poverty Costs the U.S. $1T

A study has shown that the economic impact of childhood poverty is over one trillion dollars, about 5.4% of the U.S. G.D.PRead more


Volunteer of the Month

Frank Cech keeps our operation running, full stop. From masterminding a crucially needed ramp out back, to installing bathroom fixtures, to laying out our warehouse, Frank has donated his time so generously to our organization and we can't thank him enough!

Frank spends his time working on his sailboat and sailing the sound with his wife and two sons. A former Boeing engineer, his expertise brings great idea after great idea to our humble operation and that's why he's out Volunteer of the Month (or year for that matter)!

Frank Cech

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Thank you Backpack Brigade Brigadiers!

Your on-going support has a huge impact on weekend hunger for Seattle's kids!

Jonathan Sprenke  -  Dave Brewer  -  Matthew Brewer  -  Katy Lowry  -  Rachel Emery

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Board Members Needed!

You can help us end child hunger


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