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We deliver over

500,000 meals

every school year


We serve over

850 kids

in over 26 schools


In Washington state

1 in 5 kids are food insecure

and you can help

Backpack Brigade Logo.png

We are extremely grateful to the Nourishing Neighbors Community Relief Foundation for their extremely generous grant to help us feed Seattle's kids during these extraordinarily trying times.  

UW Finds Food Insecurity Doubled During Pandemic

University of Washington researchers have found that 30% of state residents are at risk of going hungry compared to 14% before Covid-19.  Read more

Childhood Poverty Costs the U.S. $1T

A study has shown that the economic impact of childhood poverty is over one trillion dollars, about 5.4% of the U.S. G.D.PRead more


Volunteer of the Month

Mary Ellen is a star volunteer. She not only is our fastest packer by far, but also does not double but triple duty is packing 2 days a week and prepping on Wednesday on top of that.

She is always up for helping others, training new volunteers, and giving everyone tips on how quick she is.

Many times she’s done a double shift covering for a no show.

We could not have a better Volunteer of the Month!! THANK YOU Mary Ellen!

Mary Ellen Osthus

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