Perspectives on Ending Weekend Hunger

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Attacking Weekend Hunger from All Sides

Understanding hunger is the first step to solving it. Join us for this video series to get a 360-degree view of the current state of hunger in our area and what we and others are doing to combat it. Thank you for caring.

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Episode 1 - Helen, School Counselor

Helen talks about the state of hunger in her school and Backpack's role in helping her students thrive. Stan cameos as the cheerful delivery driver.

Episode 2 - Christina, Dir. of Policy & Advocacy, NW Harvest

Christina talks about the state of hunger in King County, the role of Backpack programs overall, and how we must come together to end hunger. Plus, she shares her dream for her daughters and all children.

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Episode 3 - Marcy, Backpack Brigade Board Nutrionist

Marcy talks about the strategy, planning, and procurement that goes into maximizing the nutritional value in each food bag, the care that goes into ensuring that ABC bags meet the needs of their target communities, and how to move kids from surviving to thriving.

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