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Work at Backpack Brigade

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Careers at Backpack Brigade:

Warehouse Associate:

Job Summary:

The Backpack Brigade Warehouse Associate will provide crucial support to the day-to-day operations of the warehouse and take on a range of responsibilities to meet weekly delivery requirements and ensure an efficient, clean and safe environment for volunteers and staff.


  • Conducts daily inventory reports to P/O Manager.

  • Handles intake of deliveries.

  • Files and inputs shipping invoices.

  • Supports daily flow of the warehouse.

  • Works alongside over 100 weekly volunteers to ensure daily duties and fulfilled safety, quickly and accurately.

  • Conducts basic janitorial and custodial.

  • Supports Thursday morning’s delivery of over 3,300 weekend hunger bags.

  • Occasionally drives food to schools.

  • Utilizes pallet jack and lift to move pallets of food.

  • Ability to wear multiple hats and be flexible.

  • Perform additional duties as necessary.

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