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Valentine's Day Giving Campaign

Hearts and Shapes
Be the real Saint Valentine
Give kids more than candy to eat this February

More Seattle kids are hungry on weekends than ever before. The end of the universal school lunch waivers, inflation, costs increasing and COVID-19 have had a huge impact on an already bad situation and there's no end in sight. You can make a difference by donating one time or signing up as a Backpack Brigade member and donating monthly. Either way, you'll be a Valentine to hungry kids in our area. Thank you!  

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One-Time Donation

Brigadier Membership

As an additional thank you, new Brigadier members will receive a token of our appreciation: a tote bag for gifts of $100/month or more, a coffee cup for $50/month, a bumper sticker for $25/month, or a button for $10/month.

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