What People Say About Backpack Brigade


"I look forward to Friday because I know I will get food and not be hungry."


"I don't know what my daughter would eat over the weekend without the backpack. We are so grateful."


"Rarely am I able to hand families something tangible that can effect immediate change. Handing out the backpacks of food does just that. It has become something to look forward to for many students. We are incredibly lucky to have Nichelle and the Y supporting our community!"


"Supporing Backpack Brigade satisfies me because its mission is simple and straightforward. I know weekend packs of food are not the answer to Seattle's hunger and homeless problem, but I feel very good about the difference they make in the lives of hungry children righ now, right here, in our city."


"The statistics for hunger and homelessness are astounding and even more heart wrenching when children are involved. Our family is grateful and blessed to be able to help such an important organization."


The idea is simple – if a child is hungry, feed them. It is truly our privilege to work alongside Backpack Brigade to support these kids. It is a cause that is impactful to both those in need as well as the community around them.

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